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Simultaneous interpreting:
In simultaneous interpreting the interpreter translates from one language into another while the speaker is at work. To guarantee the highest quality in simultaneous interpreting the interpreter should always translate into his/her mother tongue. The simultaneous interpreter, sitting in a soundproof booth in front of a microphone, listens to the speakers through headphones and translates in real time into another language for the attendants who, in turn, listen through the receivers.

This allows attendants to listen to the speech in their mother tongue simultaneously, and the presentations and talks continue at the same pace as in conferences where only one language is spoken.

Consecutive interpreting: 
The other mode in interpreting is the consecutive one. Here, the interpreter, located next to the speakers, takes down notes. This may take up to several minutes. Then, he/she translates the speech with most accuracy.

This technique is suitable for meetings where a maximum of 2 or 3 languages are spoken and with a reduced number of participants, such as business meetings, hearings, trials, arbitrations, press conferences and diplomatic negotiations. The interpreters will have the necessary time to become familiar with the terminology related to the topic they are going to interpret about.


Basics for the organization of an interpreting event.
The organization of an interpreting event requires careful planning, both related to the installation and budget aspects of a project. With that aim, Najual Brothers S.A. not only provides interpreters but also offers the organization of the event. If necessary, an interpreter team coordinator can be appointed, who will help select the interpreting mode and the most suitable professionals for the event, and, in turn, will act as the only point of contact on-site between the client and the interpreters.

Together, they will be able to design an appropriate plan, fulfilling the requirements of the organizers and the target audience of the interpretation.


How can Najual Brothers S.A. help me?
Our large database with over 100 simultaneous and consecutive interpreters with wide experience in the major European and U.S. cities is our means to select the suitable interpreter for each event, considering his/her experience in the topic to be dealt with.

Thus, our clients can rest assured they will receive a top-quality service at a competitive price. Our bilingual interpreters are professionals with the best training and experience. They understand that confidentiality and professionalism are essential when working at a meeting or conference.

We are able to give advice on various issues, such as suitable venues for the events, who to contact within our company for the translation of documents related to such events and, if necessary, we will give you a free tour of the chosen venue to ensure that it can accomodate the simultaneous interpreting equipment.