Najual Brothers, S.A.,
Translators & Interpreters.

"Others treat translating and interpreting as a business… for us, it is a passion and a continuing pursuit of excellence."

Najual Brothers, S.A. is a company specializing in translation and interpreting in various languages, with offices in Madrid and Miami. Our staff is made up by over 100 highly qualified professionals mastering all languages and topics, who guarantee top quality in all assignments.

We take pride in being able to offer customized services at competitive prices, including:

- Standard and sworn translations.
- Direct, inverse and cross translations.
- DTP.
- Software Localization.
- Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting.
- Assistance to overcome language and communication barriers.
- Booth rental, technical support for congresses, conferences, meetings, etc.

We are available 24 hours a day to meet the deadlines required and obtain reliable and fast results.

All our translators and interpreters translate and interpret into their mother tongue, and are members of accredited associations; this ensures a serious product/service that is faithful to the original text/message. Moreover, our staff undergo a strict test and admission process and are continuously tested by the company.

Every job is a unique assignment to us. Therefore, we pay atttention to every single detail. Even if deadlines are tight, all jobs go through a strict quality control.

Our translators and interpreters need to sign a confidentiality agreement with us, which guarantees clients absolute reserve about the material to be translated/interpreted.